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Tile Roofing

  • Beauty and Durability in a Tile Roof

Concrete roof tiles come in an array of colors and designs.  Choose a high-barrel tile for a classic Spanish look, a medium profile tile reminiscent of an Italian villa or a flat tile for a completely modern appearance.  Many tiles are available in highly reflective colors that are both attractive and energy efficient.

Hail, strong winds and fire are a roof's worst foes. However, a tile roof will take just about anything the weather throws at it.  In a properly installed tile roof, leaks are just not a problem.

  • A Tile Roof for Lower Energy Costs

Concrete is a natural insulator.  It keeps the cool air in and the hot air out.

  • A Transferable Lifetime Warranty

Should you decided to sell your home, the warranty to the roof is passed to the new owner.  That's a selling point. 

Eagle Tile

Eagle is a brand leader in the concrete roofing market.  They offer both barrel and flat styles, in gorgeous colors.

Brava Tile

If you're looking for an eco-friendly composite tile with a 50-year warranty, then BRAVA synthetic tile is for you.  Available in flat or barrel shape and in many beautiful colors.  

Nations Roofing & Construction installs all brands of tile roofing

  • Altusa clay tile from South America

  • Boral clay, concrete, composite, steel tile

  • Ludowici architectural terra cotta clay tile made in America

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