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Roof Repair

Water stains on your ceiling?  If your roof is leaking or sagging, has holes or is missing shingles, we can fix that for you. Our estimates are always free. 


Rainy season in Florida brings mold and mildew and possible moisture damage.  Get your roof fixed before any of these become a bigger issue. Call Nations Roofing & Construction at 813-485-4440 to schedule a free estimate for your roof repair. 

  • Soffit & Fascia Repairs

The soffit and fascia are an integral part of your roofing system and can suffer many of the same moisture problems as the roof.  We repair and replace soffits and fascia.

  • Storm Damage - Blue Tarps

Damaging storms and hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida.  Should you experience roof damage at any level, it is important to get your roof covered with blue tarps as soon as possible.  We respond 24/7 during hurricane season.

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