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Choose the Best Color for your New Metal Roof

Metal roofs are durable with an expected life of 50+ years. They also come in lovely designs that complement whatever architectural style.

The types of roofs can include such options as metal tile roofs, tin roofing, and corrugated metal roofs. They also possess energy efficiency, wind and fire resistant qualities. To get the best out of this investment, it makes sense to take careful consideration of color. More so when you figure that it is a choice that may last as long as the roof itself.

So, what colors do metal roofs come in?

There are many color options to choose from. They range from light to dark shades. Making choices can often be confusing. Thus there needs to be some guidelines that can help narrow down to suitable choices.

When deciding on this color, you should consider several key factors.

Coordinating Your House Color to your Metal Roof

When it comes to appearances, you need to look at the house from top to bottom. The roof needs to complement the rest of the structure. You should factor in the main and minor colors visible on the outside.

This includes what is on the walls, trims, and accessories. It is also advisable to color coordinate with the immediate surroundings.

This means factoring in any nearby structures and nature. Also consider any neighboring housing that may be visible.

Color Value of Your Roof and House Size

When making a decision that will last many years, you have to consider how it impacts property values. The color of the roof can have a huge influence on curb appeal. Just as with your choice of driveway materials.

Also, color can have an impact on how people perceive the size of a house. Darker roof colors often make taller structures seem lower and wider. Especially when contrasted with exterior wall and trim colors.

Lighter colors on the other hand can make a house seem taller. So your choice of metal roof house color combinations will depend on the impact you wish to make.

Conforming to the Neighborhood....or Not

Sometimes property owners would like to have a distinct house. Choosing a different roof color from what other properties in the area have can accomplish this.

Other times, the desire may be to just fit in. This is often required, especially in areas like gated communities.

Climate and Roof Color

Local climate is another key factor. Generally, lighter-colored roofs will reflect heat better. This makes it easier to keep the interior cool. This in turn means better energy efficiency. As less power is needed to regulate the temperature within.

Dark colors however absorb more heat. It is hotter within the ceiling space and upper floors. When choosing residential metal roof colors, you need to be careful. Consider what shades will allow for easier and cheaper temperature control within the home.

Being able to visualize the outcome of color choices can help in making a final choice. Using a metal roof color simulator is an easy way to create this visualization. It gives a clear picture of what the final result will look like. You will need to upload a photo of the house and edit. This will provide different outlooks and what impact it will have on the overall look.

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